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You can find the latest, current, news stories about living trusts at living trust news. We also have places where you can participate in our living trust forum or ask living trust questions.

Dec 06, 2017

Changing representation on a Living Trust

If you have created a living trust through a Legal Documents company, when the time comes to change the trust or read it, can you change your representation

Continue reading "Changing representation on a Living Trust"

Sep 16, 2017

Son, Beneficiary of Living Trust

My parents set up a living trust 15 years ago leaving me their residential property.(2 houses on lot) I have lived in one of the houses for 30+ years and

Continue reading "Son, Beneficiary of Living Trust"

Mar 19, 2017


When I started reading the information on this site, I was amazed at how easy it was to understand (not legalese). My mother died in 2016 and I am not

Continue reading "VERY INFORMATIVE"

May 15, 2016

Concerned Relative

My sister had made my brother the trustee of her estate. Within 10 days of her passing, and under opioid pain medication, she amended her will as follows:

Continue reading "Concerned Relative"

May 03, 2016


In Oregon or anyplace else;Can a revocable family trust Smith Family Trustbe formed by a Grantor who has a social security number and use an EIN # instead

Continue reading "Grantor/Trustee"

Dec 21, 2015

poa's can not remember their own lie's

if trustee mom has alzhiemer's disease our sisters poa's for mom say no more money got to sell the house but when they tried to evict us it came out

Continue reading "poa's can not remember their own lie's"

Nov 11, 2015

Bank account not in the Trust & must go through probate, any advice ?

Hello, My dad had a Bank account that my sister had the ability to write checks from. She said the bank called it a power of attorney (POA) account.

Continue reading "Bank account not in the Trust & must go through probate, any advice ?"

Oct 18, 2015

revocable trust

my deceased parents trust cant be found because one of the siblings took it and no one knows who made the trust. The mobile home in Nevada they were living

Continue reading "revocable trust"

Sep 11, 2015

Retired RN

Simple and very easy to understand, also there was a wealth of information for me that really helped me decide whether to have a living trust or not.

Continue reading "Retired RN"

Jun 17, 2015

Disinherited issue

My father is deceased and my mother took me off the trust, which leaves my 2 brothers to inherit the trust. When my mother dies can I rightfully go after

Continue reading "Disinherited issue"

Mar 23, 2015

Medicaid home sale question

What if you sell your house and put the money in your childrens name and you become medical disabled and are admitted to a nursing home, can medicaid still

Continue reading "Medicaid home sale question"

Mar 23, 2015


My grandmother died in 2011. My dad was trustee for her living trust and the sole beneficiaries of the trust were my dad and his sister. They were

Continue reading "EXECUTOR"

Jan 18, 2015

What Are The Income Tax Implications for Special Needs Trust Distribution?

The beneficiary of the Specials Needs Trust has died and the remainder of the trust has been distributed to the listed beneficiaries after death. What

Continue reading "What Are The Income Tax Implications for Special Needs Trust Distribution?"

Oct 19, 2014

Should trust distribution shares determine the Trustees?

My wife's mother recently changed her trust distribution to give my wife and two brothers an 81% share of the distribution. All of her siblings were informed

Continue reading "Should trust distribution shares determine the Trustees?"

Oct 04, 2014

Disability Trust

A disabled person, who relies on Medicaid or SSI, has to be careful not to receive trust assets that disqualify him or her from those programs. A Disability Trust is one way to avoid problems.

Continue reading "Disability Trust"

Oct 04, 2014

Living Trust Book Store

Looking for a living trust book? Here's a tremendous selection.

Continue reading "Living Trust Book Store"

Oct 04, 2014

Medicaid Trust

Find out why a Medicaid Trust can be very dangerous!

Continue reading "Medicaid Trust"

Oct 04, 2014

Revocable Living Trust, Credit Shelter Trust | Free Living Trust Information

Free Living Trust Information is the best place on the web for information you can trust about living trusts, medicaid trusts, and credit shelter trusts.

Continue reading "Revocable Living Trust, Credit Shelter Trust | Free Living Trust Information"

Sep 10, 2014

I am Successor Trustee

I have been the trustee named first to serve but my sister got guardianship through the court knowing it was my parents wishes for me to manage their estate.

Continue reading "I am Successor Trustee "

Jun 23, 2014

Validity of trust in another state?

Is a Maine irrevocable trust valid in New Mexico or any other state for that matter?

Continue reading "Validity of trust in another state? "

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