Living Trust Summary

Ah, ha. Gotcha!!

Welcome to Living Trust Summary, the most visited page on this web site.

Everyone who comes to Free Living Trust wants a quick, honest answer to the question:

Should I get a Living Trust?

When visitors see the word "Summary" in the Navigation Bar to the left – they naturally click on it.

That's probably what you did.

I would too.

Time is valuable and if we can get what we need -- and get it fast – so much the better.

We recognize that your time is valuable. That's why we try to give you "straight talk about living trusts."

Unfortunately, some topics are complicated and cannot be summarized in a 30 second sound bite (or an "e-bite" for that matter). Living trusts are such a topic.

I would not be giving it to you straight if I tried to give you the topic of living trusts quick. It can't be done.

To figure out if you should get a living trust, you will have to spend some time reading through a number of pages on this site. You should start with What is a Living Trust? and go from there.

But, if right now, you really only have time for a quick summary, I certainly understand. Hopefully, you'll return later when you have more time.

For now, read the living trust summaries at Wills vs Living Trusts and Living Trusts and Wills.

See you there.

Living Trust Summary Articles:

  • Wills Vs. Living Trusts
    The Wills vs Living Trusts debate is the most common controversy in estate planning. The best place on the web to get to the bottom of the Wills vs Living Trusts debate.
  • Living Trusts and Wills
    Estate planning is about organizing your property and financial affairs, so that, after death, the benefits you bestow on your heirs are maximized.

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