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The Living Trust Book Store has virtually every book ever written about living trusts for the general public.

Some of the most popular books include Henry W. Abts’ books titled:

  • The Living Trust : The Failproof Way to Pass Along Your Estate to Your Heirs and
  • How To Settle Your Living Trust : How You Can Settle a Living Trust Swiftly, Easily, and Safely.

And, of course, Denis Clifford's:

I just a read a really terrific medicaid planning book called
Medicaid Secrets. It's the best, most readable, book I've ever read on this topic. I highly recommend it if you want to understand the issues. And, by buying it here, it won't cost you any more, but you'll help support this site. Thanks.

UPDATE: Holiday sale in progress at Medicaid Secrets. Medicaid expert Gabriel Heiser also has written an even more indepth book for attorneys and financial advisors.

On the right are different categories for living trust forms and software. Click on these categories to find popular living trust kits and other software you can use to make your own living trust, will, power of attorney, and numerous other legal documents. We also have a page devoted to Living Trust Forms.

Of course, making your own living trust comes with certain risks. If you are thinking of creating your own living trust, be sure to read Do Your Own Living Trust?

Learning how to protect your assets from nursing home costs and how to qualify for Medicaid are some of the issues covered in these particular books:

Probably the "best of breed" is -- Medicaid Secrets. It's easy to read and very informative. Well worth the price.

Other than Medicaid Secrets, when you purchase from this store you are actually purchasing from All orders go through Amazon's secure order server.

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