Living Trust Forms

For those interested in creating a living trust, living trust forms can be found at lots of places online. Even free living trust forms.

Of course, the old saying: "you get what you pay for" has at least some truth to it. So, a free trust form you find on the web is not going to fully substitute for, or be as valuable as, personal legal advice from a living trust attorney. Still, it can't hurt to read through a free form. If nothing else, it will help familiarize you with the language you will likely find in your living trust document and it will help you think of issues and questions to consider.

Many people who read this page want to do the living trust themselves. We generally don't recommend this for the reasons discussed at don't do your own living trust. Remember that each state has its own laws and requirements for a valid living trust and that will cause the living trust document (form) to be a little different from state to state. This is one of the reasons we recommend you at least talk to a local estate planning attorney to discuss any unique aspects of the law and your circumstances. Here's a page that might help you find a living trust attorney.

Still, there are some cases (simple living trusts) when it does make sense for someone to do their own living trust and other cases where people are going to do it themselves anyway. So, obviously, those folks (maybe you) will need a living trust document. If you are going to actually prepare your own living trust, I'd recommend you use an on-line software program like Legal Zoom and pay a little to get a high-quality legal trust form and some guidance in filling it out. Here's a link to a legal zoom living trust.

If you are giving anything away to charity in your trust, [see charitable lead trust and charitable remainder trust], you should see if the charitable organization you are donating to can provide you with legal assistance in preparing the trust. Naturally, consider that their advice may be affected (biased) by their desire for the donation. Still, often these organizations can provide good and useful information to at least consider. For instance, the Renaissance group offers these charitable trust forms.

If you want to take a look at some free on-line living trust forms -- either in preparation for a meeting with your attorney or because you have decided to "do it yourself" -- you can review some samples at living trust forms. Here's a sample California Revocable Living Trust.

Again, you can't use these forms as they are to create your own living trust. They will require modification and if you want a living trust we always advise you to discuss your options with your attorney.

You can also find forms at this Living Trust Book Store.

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