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I was really hoping to find on this page some sort of specific range indicators (ball park figures per scenario) -- e.g., "a simple living trust including only a house with a market value of less than $100,000 could cost between $500 and $4000, but..."

I totally fabricated these specifics, in case any readers are wondering.

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Jun 15, 2010
How much are living trust attorney fees?
by: Mo Johnson

There are many variables that go into how much it will cost to have an attorney prepare your living trust. Here are a few:

1. How experienced is the attorney?
2. How big is the estate?
3. Will the attorney "fund" the trust?
4. If so, what kind of assets are in the estate?
5. What other documents are needed -- i.e. will, powers of attorney, living will, etc.

The bottom line is the attorney is paid for his or her time (and the time of his admin/paralegal support). So, if the estate is more complicated it will take longer to discuss it with you and figure out the best way to handle the various assets.

Then, a key issue is whether you will do all the work required to fund (transfer assets into) the trust or will you have the attorney do it. If the attorney will do it, what kind of assets are we talking about. Real estate is more difficult since usually documents will need to be drafted and filed with the county property (or similar) office. [I'd advise you to have the attorney draft the real estate transfer documents.] Of course, if any property is out of state, that requires additional time and effort.

So, the answer to your question is it could cost anywhere from maybe $500 (simple trust document) to maybe $25,000 or more for a very complicated trust and estate.

I'd say the "average" to expect to pay would be about $2,000 - $2,500 for a living trust and Pour-over will and some assistance with funding the trust.

Here's more info about living trust costs.

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