How do I go about drawing up a will or trust?

by Amber
(Naples Fl)

I need some information on living trust and wills. I have a will I would like to make out and leave it in the hands of my boyfriend if anything was to happen to me. I do not have any relatives that are worthy of getting anything of mine nor do I want them to.

How do I go about drawing up a will or trust? I don't have much but what I do have is important and I can't see my next of kin ending up with it.

Please if you have any kind of information for me please help me. Thank you.

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Jul 05, 2010
How to draw up a will or trust
by: Mo Johnson

Hi Amber, I have to give you credit for taking this issue of where you want your estate to go seriously. As you say, everyone's estate, even if small, is important to them and their family and friends.

And, you are right that the only way to be sure your assets go where you want them to go after you pass away is to leave a will or trust stating your wishes. Otherwise, the state law will control that.

I think you would find this article: living trusts and wills helpful as it explains why even if you have a trust you need a will. It also discusses the difficulties of funding a living trust.

Here's an article that discusses general considerations as to how large of an estate you need to justify a living trust.

But, as to how you go about drawing up a will or trust. Unfortunately the laws vary from state to state so there is no one answer. But, here's a good article that discusses will drafting requirements in Florida.

Finally, we always recommend you have a will or trust drafted by a lawyer for the reasons discussed at don't do your own living trust.

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