How Can I See What Living Trust Says?

by mark schmidt

My father set up a living trust with my brother as the administrator. Now that my father is in a nursing home my brother is paying the bills out of the living trust. My other brother continues to live in my fathers house and the trust account is being used to pay his living expenses.

My brother that is the administrator refuses to tell us anything and also says that it is in the documentation that he doesn't have to tell us anything. He also states that when my father passes there won't be anything left to distribute.

Is there any way to find out information about this situation?

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Mar 14, 2012
Some states provide heirs with right to copy of living trust
by: Mo Johnson

One of the unique things about a living trust is its privacy at least when compared to a will. However, there are exceptions that might allow you to see the living trust.

For instance, certain states, like California have passed laws providing beneficiaries and heirs-at-law (certainly that could include you as a son) with the right to see the contents of a living trust after death of the trustor.

Of course I can't give you specific legal advice and I don't know the specific laws of your state. You'll need to talk to a local trust lawyer to find out your specific rights and options.

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