Shoeboxed’s Filing Software Helps Attorneys Manage Legal Trusts

Going digital or paperless, or helping your clients to do so, isn’t just about getting organized or “going green.” Implementing paperless filing software, like the application available via, provides lawyers and their clients with long-term financial planning assistance and the ability to manage legal trusts with increased ease and efficiency. lets you scan and upload documents from your desktop, via your smartphone or tablet, or by mailing them to the company in a prepaid envelope. You can also email documents as attachments. Once Shoeboxed receives your documents, their team of experts puts each piece of paper through its paces, ensuring that every receipt, invoice, contract and trust document is organized using their advanced filing software.

With a Shoeboxed account, each and every one of your clients will have their own virtual file, allowing you to access their information quickly and easily, whenever you need it. This is especially important when managing legal trusts or other long-term commitments that may change over time. Many of the trust documents you access via Shoeboxed’s filing software will account for transitions of property that could potentially take place decades from now. Years may go by between the time you prepared the trust agreement and the time the client needs to make changes or refer to the contract. Accurate, accountable filing software is essential to ensuring your clients’ interests are protected.

In addition to assisting with the management of wills and legal trusts, Shoeboxed is incredibly helpful in terms of financial planning. It’s easy to advise clients and assist them with achieving their financial goals when your filing software lets you access of all their digital documents in one place. Shoeboxed organizes your documents according to the specifications you create, so you can arrange documents by client, by document type, or in whatever way that makes it easiest for you.

With the advent of online programs that let people create their own living trusts, it’s more important than ever to have an edge over this type of digital competition. With, your legal services have the added benefit of the type of filing software that is giving legitimate legal services a run for their money. Your clients will have the benefit of your expert advice coupled with the convenience of scanned receipts and paperless documents. You can also give each client access to their own Shoeboxed account at a 10% discount per person. Clients can view their trust documents online at any time, saving you time by decreasing phone calls and the time taken to answer questions.

In this way, your Shoeboxed account acts as your own personal assistant. This filing software can, in fact, be the thing that separates your firm from the rest of the online and offline competition. The next time you’re preparing a legal trust or assisting a client with financial planning, let do the heavy lifting.

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