Question about Living Trust

by Kim
(Fort Worth TX usa)

My mother died 3 months ago. My dad is now in a nursing home. I have 3 siblings, the youngest has POA.

My question is can my siblings and the one with POA even alone, take or boot me out of the trust/will? Specifically the deed to my dad's house after he passes away.


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Oct 05, 2011
Depends on what the will says
by: Mo Johnson

Hi, I think that all depends on what your dad's trust or will says. Of course if he passes the house through his will then that can't be altered except by him. So, whatever the will says it what should happen.

But, if the house passes through a trust, then it will depend on the language of the trust and how much discretion the trustee has.

Of course I can't know all the individual circumstances in your case or whatever unique state laws you may have. That's why we always advise folks to seek the advice of a competent local estate planning attorney.

Good luck!

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