Looking for ideas on how to divide assets in writing a trust

by Sally

My husband & I are having trouble dividing our assets in writing a trust. We don't have children. I'd rather not include my niece & nephew since there are family problems. I'm close to all my cousins, but there are many. We'd like to be fair in naming relatives from both our sides of the families.

Besides account assets, we have a few properties, including a property that has been in my family since the 1800's. It would be nice to keep it in the family.

Has anyone had any similar situations where they had to come up with some creative ways to divide assets?

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Feb 19, 2010
How to divide property
by: Mo

Hi Sally,

Well, actually your dilemma is faced by many. I think you should make a list of all those you want to leave an inheritance too. It seems to me you and your husband essentially want to split it evenly between these folks. That should be easy enough with all the monetary assets.

It seems the property that's been in the family so long is the primary difficulty. Again, this is not uncommon. You want to be fair, but would like to keep the property in the family.

Why don't you discuss the problem with some of the relatives involved to see how they feel. I would not be surprised if a consensus could be reached about who would best get the property based on needs of different family members and abilities.

For instance, I don't know anything about the property, but if it has a house, maybe it could be placed in a trust and owned by all of them and they take turns at the property. Maybe they all would agree that one particular family member should have it for one reason or another.

I don't know, but I think discussing the issue with others in the family would probably lead to a good solution. It's worth a try anyway.

Good luck,


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